Jeanne McGee
Photographic Artist
Whether you are having your family portraits, high school senior
portraits or your children's portraits, I know it is a little daunting
to be photographed.  Most of us just don't take to it naturally and
feel comfortable to bring out the best you, with great
expressions, so your portraits are natural, relaxed and totally
"YOU".  And with the extra time I take to retouch your blemishes,
soften laugh lines and enhance your eyes, I know you will find
yourself loving your portraits.

I have used the title of "Portrait Artist" for many years now.  
Although art is subjective, it is the approach I take with my
photography.    The Art of Photography encompasses many
aspects.  From grouping people together in a pleasing manner to
capturing moods and creating expressions, I find the Art of
Portraiture to be an extremely challenging and rewarding lifework.

Many thanks to those of you who have taken the time to have
portraits created here.  I am proud to have been instrumental in
creating these portraits for you.  I also encourage you to update
every few years.  Chances are, if you've enjoyed the Portraits we
made in the past you will treasure your next one as well.  I am
always working on new ideas and techniques in the pursuit of
creating beautiful works of art for you to enjoy.  Below is a self
portrait I created in Coupeville last year during a creative
photography class assignment.  
Jeanne was Named a 2006 Emerging Artist of the United States.
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